CP Plus CCTV Full HD CP-UVR-0401E1S 4CH DVR Camera Kit

This all 4 channel cpplus hd dvr kit is the best dvr kit in the market. It is a full pack combo which does not require any other components. This dvr kit is best suitable for who are looking for cctv surveillance for thier shops, warehouses, office, schools, tuitions, classrooms, retail stores and for home security also. Everything thing is included in the package you just have to arrange for an electrician who knows how to install cctv kit. If you are confident enough you can do it by yourself aswell.Additioanal Ddns In-Bilt, Mobile View (Android, Windows Phone), Can Be Watched Online Using Ddns, Branded Product with 2 Year Warranty Of Manufacturing from cp plus offside. ( warranty does not covered under damaged & burnt ). Fulfillment by feedline communications )

Full hd 2.4mp dome 1-pc
Full hd 2.4mp bullet 3-pc
1-TB hard disk, 4-ch power-supply 1-pc,wire roll-1pc and 8-pc bnc/4-pc dc connectors
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