Gilary Flexible Foldable 12″ Inch Ball Head Snake Tripod Extra Thick & Strong for All Smartphone,Action & DSLR Camera’s for Photography, Video Recording

Gilary Gorillapod 12 Inch Tripod with Flexible Stand , Octopus Camera Tripod Bundle with 360 Degree Detachable Ball Head and Mobile Phone Holder for Mobile Phones and Camera , DSLR and GoPro.

* Free Holder: A free mobile tripod with holder ensures that you don’t have to purchase a separate accessory for your tripods for dslr camera. The holder can hold any device that you’d like to use with your gorillapod tripod mini tripod. Your camera, mobile phone, iPhone, android, dslr, gopro, camera.
* It also helps you use the camera tripod as phone stand, mobile stand, tripod stand. Which means you can lock the tripod anyplace you like to use as a video entertainment unit.
* Rotating Sphere: An Anodised finishing rotating sphere in tripods for mobile or gorilla tripod ensures that you get a great load bearing capacity for your dslr camera, mobile tripod, DSLR tripod, gopro tripod. Along with an accurate angle lock.
* Portable & Lightweight: A portable design ensures that you can carry and use your mini tripods for mobile effortlessly throughout the day. ABS makes the mini tripod exceptionally lightweight and durable. It is perfect for a long day of gorillapod tripod shooting. Being a camera stand tripod you can also view your mobile phone or DSLR camera recorded videos in rough and unstable environments. With a peace of mind that your tripods for mobile, dslr camera and mobile phone will be safe.
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