Main Stop® High Speed HDMI Male to Female Swivel Adapter HDMI Extension Cable for Google Chrome Cast -10cm (Black)

Color: Black Product Type: HDMI Extension Cable Extender Size: 10cm Compatible Devices:HDMI Devices Description: HDMI Extension Cable Extender. HDMI Male to Female. Gold-Plated hdmi male to hdmi female connectors for highest signal transfer rate and resistance in corrosion. HDMI Extender Male to Female Cable This cable is rated as High Speed HDMI Cable capable of conducting all the HDMI features. Brand and high quality. Cable length: 10cm Connects your HDTV, Ultra HD TV, monitor, or projector to a computer, DVD player, gaming station, or other HDMI-compatible devic Fully compatible with HDMI version 1.3 and all HDMI cables and devices. Our Swivel Extender Works Great For Android TV, and Windows PC Stick Units High-speed HDMI extension cable (male to female) combines audio and video into one convenient cable

Hdmi male to female Cable length: 10cm
Application: Mainly used in devices with HDMI interface like computer, laptop, notebook, digital TV,plasma TV, LCD TV, amplifier, projector, camera, DV camera, TV set-top boxes, etc
Port saver/Space saver. Don`t need to turn or tuck away like some HDMI dongle to save space.
Hdmi Extender Cables:Shielded durability to prevent signal degradation or signal loss.Great for home,business or event use.
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