MICROSOFT TEAMS 2020: Best Tips & Tricks To Configure Microsoft Teams For Online Learning, Meetings, Video Conference and Organizational Management

Microsoft Teams has made online learning so easy, seamless, and hassle-free. If you want to create virtual learning so close to you like you are in a classroom, then Microsoft Teams is your go-to option. It brings you with so many benefits and also helps students to be more connected with their teachers. This excellent product from Microsoft also equips you with the ability to get more insights on students’ participation in the classroom.
In this book, you would learn a lot from the basics on how to utilize and become a pro in accessing your Microsoft Teams, ranging from getting started, sharing files, adding tabs in a channel, and working with your files.

This Step by Step Guide Book on Microsoft Teams also Teaches You:

  • How to configure Microsoft Teams for education
  • How to use video meetings with students
  • How to add meetings to a channel
  • How to check the person you want to watch during a meeting
  • How to set rules for meeting chats
  • How to review the reports of participants
  • And many more…

With Microsoft Teams, sharing meeting notes with students and creating assignments for your students is as simple as a piece of cake because this book has made it easy for everyone. How to use OneNote with class notebook add-in and so much more.

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