Osaka 35 inches/90 Centimeters Octagonal Softbox with S-Type Bracket Mount with Carrying Case Compatible with All Flash Speedlites

Contents: 1x S-type Flash Speedlite Bracket Mount, 1x 90cm Octagonal Softbox, 2x Diffuser, 1x Carrying Bag. * Perfect for Speedlite, providing even and less harsh light for your filming. * Quick folding design makes this softbox extremely easy to operate. * Hole in the handle to hold diffuser umbrella and a hole at the bottom for mounting the handle to a light stand or tripod * Great combination of L-type and T-type Speedlite mounts and improved from them, no pre-assembly or post-disassembly. * Allow flexible use with most flash Speedlites such as Osaka other Flash Speedlites, tripods, light stands,diffusing umbrellas, etc

Provides classic soft but crisp light; Sound for portrait and event photography; Ideal for shooting portraits or events such as weddings, proms or corporate events on location, etc.
S-type Bracket Mount DESIGN: Allow flexible use with most flash Speedlites and equipments,such as Osaka and Other Speedlites, can be mounted on a light stand.
Made of collapsible nylon cover and lightweight Durable plastics handle grip and proved to be high reflective; With silver particle inner baffle and 2 white diffuser,help your photography by softening the flash light and casting even lighting.
Special design makes it quite easy to open or fold up, can be assembled or disassembled in a minute. For customer-care support related queries please contact us +918800953231 (Timings Monday to Saturday from 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM except national holidays)
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