Pikyo HHM3109 Portable Flexible Foot Strong & Fordable Tripod Holder for All Mobiles & Cameras Self Video Shoot/DSLR Camera/You-tubers/Video Shooting Studio Etc. Compatible with All Devices

Tripod Stand for Cameras for those of you who are fond of photography and are particular about taking clear shots, this tripod comes across as an ideal option. Fitted with a specially designed multi-purpose head, this tripod is extremely easy to operate making it ideal for cameras. Thanks to the unique design, it holds your camera in place giving you the required stability that makes it easy for you to take good pictures. Furthermore, using this tripod stand for your camera is absolutely safe as it features a unique non-slip foam grip that prevents the camera from falling over when you are clicking pictures. Lightweight and Easy to Handle Being extremely lightweight, this tripod can be easily accommodated in your routine baggage and therefore can be comfortably carried along during all your photography assignments.

Turn this button lightly to control jacking system. When the button is loose, the center shaft can up and down easily. When the button turn to tight, the height can be fixed. Camera can up and down smoothly and moving stably.
Perfect light stand both for studio & on-site use; air cushioned extension movement prevents physical injury & provides safety to light.
Universal 1/4 mounting thread designed to fit most moonlights/strobes, continuous lights, and accessories
The tripod’s head allows for ultimate versatility. Easily change the orientation of the camera from portrait to landscape–and almost any angle in between with the handy tilt motion. Turn the knobs to secure.
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