QuikProf Helmet Front Mount Kit with Curved j Hook Bracket for GoPro/SJCAM/Xiaomi Yi (with 3M Adhesive)

Helmet Front Mount kit for GoPro. Mounts on the front of your helmet, It allows the camera to face in either direction to provide a first-person viewpoint of the action. Allows for low-profile positioning of your camera on the front of your helmet, like a headlamp Also extends the camera out in front of the helmet for self-portrait videos and photos Great for narrating your latest adventure Compatible with GoPro Hero 4/3+/ Hero3 /Hero2/ SJCAM SJ4000/ SJ5000/ XIAO YI Cameras. Package includes: · 2 x Straight Joint (1 long & 1 short) · 1 x J-Hook buckle · 2 x mount with adhesive sticker 1X flat + curved · 2 x Thumb Screws

Easily mounts to smooth surfaced helmets
It allows & provides either a first-person viewpoint of the action or a self-portrait shot
Compatible with GoPro Hero 4/3+/Hero3/Hero2/SJCAM SJ4000/SJ5000/XIAO YI
With 3M Adhesive so well protect your cherished device from any potential damage
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